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The Art of Love

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Lately I’ve been getting requests to paint clients’ wedding memories—rather old fashioned in this modern day era where you can buy practically everything on the internet with the touch of a few keys.

I’ve painted several of just the various venues—from posh resorts to rose petal-strewn aisles on tropical islands—but the most recent commissions have been with the happy couples included.

This painting, pictured, was done from an old, somewhat damaged, photo sent to me surreptitiously by the husband as a gift for his bride. He requested the basket with flowers in the foreground to be removed, which leaves the question of what to replace it with.

This is where the artist’s license comes into play. I figured what’s behind the basket would most likely be a bouquet she’d be holding. On deciding what kind of flowers, I took my cue from the pink carnation boutonniere on the groom’s lapel. A tall yellow gladiola in the foreground hides her ear so I had to fashion a typical-looking one—even giving her a pearl earring to match the string she has around her neck.

I find it to be a touching tribute from a husband to his wife to have this memorable day rendered in oil paint that will, hopefully, become a keepsake for generations to come.

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