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Kilauea Volcano Fury Series Updated

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

I've just added several more oil paintings to the Kilauea Volcano Fury series. One of the pieces shown below seems out of place, but however many eons ago, it was a conduit for an ancient flow, so that qualifies it in my mind! Also, if you missed last Sunday's blog with the first four pieces, please visit my website.

These are all 5x7" paintings, with the exception of "Fire Dance," which is a 6x8" oil. This heavily-textured impressionistic painting will be one in a 3-piece set. See the results in next week's blog!

For questions regarding pricing, please email me at

Kilauea Volcano VI 5x7"

Kilauea Volcano V 5x7"

Kilauea Volcano VII 5x7"

Kilauea Lava Tube 5x7"

Fire Dance 6x8"

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