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Diamond Head Escapism

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

As a working artist, it's easy to just stick to painting the pieces that are sure sellers. But now and then I set aside some time to take a more creative path--to paint outside the confines of my norm. I've been wanting to poke around with rearranging the colors of nature so when my husband was leaving for work the other day, he encouraged me to just let my mind go and see what happens. Easier said than done when you're trying to keep the galleries stocked and commissions on schedule.

So I poked around in my head for ideas after he left that morning. Many times my inspiration of what to paint next comes from just looking at my supply of large blank canvases. So I started with that tactic and came across a decades-old canvas on 12x16" stretcher bars still in its original wrapper that had been Richard's mom's, who was an artist herself. Perfect. I'll paint something in her honor.

Naturally, when I told Richard that evening that his mother was the muse behind the creation, he made me promise never to sell it. How did I not see that coming?

Anyway, here's the famous Diamond Head, with a few twists. I'm looking forward to more of this "escapism" kind of expression. I've already conceptualized the next piece in my sketch book. Stay tuned.

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1 comentário

Richard Wiens
Richard Wiens
18 de jul. de 2018

Welcome to the blog Laura! Love the alt-color concept -- this is one of your pieces that provides a different feel from different distances. Something about all that texture!

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